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Tree Survey

Tree Survey is a type of Specific Purpose Survey to locate trees based on the client or local governing authority’s required diameter and/or type on a site prior to engineering or development. This type of survey can locate specific trees of a certain species or minimum trunk size as desired by the client. The trees measured will be shown on a boundary survey drawing of subject property. The surveyor then draws a map showing scaled location of trees in relationship to a boundary line or other on-site physical features. Prior to obtaining a tree removal permit in San Antonio for a major site plan or major site plan amendment, a tree survey might be required to be performed and filed with the local governing agencies as part of the tree removal permit application.

Chart of Texas trees species

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| Mission Statement

The mission of Elizondo & Associates - Land Surveying & Mapping, LLC. of San Antonio is to provide surveys of high quality and accuracy. We take pride in serving the community with integrity, hard work, and dependability. We are committed to knowing and applying the legal principles of land surveying as set forth by the Texas Board of Land Surveying so that each job is completed thoroughly and accurately.

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Texas Licensed Surveying Firm No.10193864

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